Use your designated envelopes and make sure to mark on the envelope if it is for budget, the weekly collection or both for that week. If you would like envelopes, please contact the church office or your Deacon.  


You are encouraged to use the Automatic Debit Program (PAR) for your budget donations. Your application is required by the 10th of each month to process for that particular month. Applications needs to be put in the offering box on the first Sunday of the month in order for it to be  processed that same month. Click here for the form that will need to be filled out and returned, along with a void cheque, to the  church. 

Alternatively, application forms are available at the counter in the foyer. Participation will give you freedom of mind and the church a regular cash flow. For more information please speak to one of the Deacons.


Palmerston CRC has signed up with to provide additional options for giving to the budget or to any of our weekly collection causes. has an on-line option as well as an app for Android or IOS phones.

You will be required to confirm your address and also add in your envelope number (if you have one) when you donate online. Donations can be set up to be recurring if you would like (ie. for the budget) and can be made via Credit Card or a Visa Debit Card. 

Please note that for both of the options there is a processing fee that you can choose to cover for the church and receive that as part of your donation receipt at the end of the year.


Click on the donate button and sign up using the step by step instructions.


Android and Apple users can download the app to their phone and set up an account. After you have registered and if you have your GPS turned on, you will see other organizations that are also using for online donations. You will need to choose Palmerston CRC.